SCN is on the move

If you haven’t already heard SCN is moving. A new community platform will be replacing it on the 10th of October.

As a member of the community, I welcome this move. I believe it will bring improvements to some shady areas of the old SCN.

There are some significant changes as well. Such as the end of “spaces”, the place dedicated to a given topic, and the end of the points system.

In the new platform, we will instead be able to track tags. This will be a welcome feature for those familiar with Stack Overflow or Reddit.

You can still earn reputation via Karma credits. Yet, these are not like the old points. They are only visible to you and moderators and can only be earned in Q&A.

The SCN team is working hard to migrate the current content to the new platform. Some content, however, won’t make it and other minor things like your profile avatar.

From what I’ve gathered the new platform is aiming at high-quality content. But there is still some work to do.

Searching, tagging, and navigation are still in early stages. So we should expect some improvements in those areas.

You can find out more in SCN posts below.




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