DI API error -119 – Database type is not supported

Hi guys,

Today I faced an issue with the DI API. A new database server was recently installed and we were “pointing” some apps to it.
These apps are using the DI API and the error being thrown was -119 – Database type not supported.

We tried a bunch of things until we found that the machine we were connecting from didn’t have the correct SQL Native Client installed.
We were trying to access an MS SQL Server 2014 but the machine in question had only the SQL Native Client 2008 installed (previously this app was connected to an MS SQL Server 2008).

After installing the correct SQL Native Client the issue was fixed.

Hope this helps.


ps: don’t forget that this was one of the possible reasons. You can get the same error if you are using an older version of the SDK where your server is not supported.

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