BitLocker and SAP Business One ” (SCLC)

Hi everyone,

Recently my laptop hard drive was encrypted with BitLocker.
This caused an issue where I couldn’t log in anymore to SAP Business One.

There was a message like so: ” (SCLC)

No other information was provided.

Checking the License Control Center on the machine in question revealed that the Hardware Key (along with System Number and Installation Number) was missing.

To fix this situation you’ll have to re-install the server tools.

1. Remove the Server Tools using the Uninstall Program in Windows Control Panel
2. Install using the SAP PL installer

This will allow you to log in again. You may need to re-upload your license using the License Control Center.

Hope this helps.



  1. Hi Pedro,
    we also experienced same error in mid May – without BitLocker. For us the development server/client was rebooted after some connected systems ( fileserver etc. ) and a Citrix component were updated (WannaCry).
    Since then we also have strange(?) ‘Schannel’ and ‘DistributedCOM’ event messages in Windows/System on that machine, plus rare non-reproducible sbo licenseserver/addon connection issues. If you still have your system running maybe you can have a look for these events.



    1. Hi Maik,

      I’ll definitely check for those if the issue resurfaces.

      Thank you for the information.


  2. Many thanks, Cheers
    I didn’t uninstall but tried to repair. Now, I can login without error ” (SCLC)

    Thank for your information.
    Nan (Thailand)


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