Windows 10 Windows Update Infinite Search

Another post that attempts to solve the issues with the infinite search for updates.

I’ve faced (again) issues with Windows Updates searching forever for updates.

The incredible ProcExp tool is great at spotting which services are actually consuming processing power, and it found that “wuauserv” was keeping a processor busy all the time.

I tried multiple proposed solutions, including my own (see here), to fix it but I was unsuccessful.

So I tried to get rid of the entire “downloads” of Windows Update to start fresh, and it worked 🙂

So here is what I did:

  1. Stop Windows Update
    1. open a command prompt (with administrative rights) and type in “net stop wuauserv”; or
    2. use ProcExp to kill the “svchost” running “wuauserv” (you’ll need to search the many “svchost” processes, but the one you want should be running your CPU high)
  2. Open “Run” by pressing “Windows Key + R”
  3. Type in %windir%
  4. Find the folder SoftwareDistribution and rename it to something else (e.g.: _SoftwareDistribution_)
  5. Start Windows Update again by opening a command prompt (with administrative rights) and typing in “net start wuauserv”

Note that after starting Windows Update you should give it a few minutes to settle down.

But after that you can go to the Start menu -> Check for Updates and press the Check for Updates button.

This time it will finish and tell you whether you have updates to install or not.

I hope this works for you as well.


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