How to add a Local Nuget package source to Visual Studio 2015

I was dabbling with Nuget, creating some packages and at a certain point I needed to add as a dependency on of my very own, unreleased (meaning unpublished at packages.

Almost by accident I stumbled upon a solution, and since I haven’t really blogged much here it is and hopefully it’ll help others:

Go to Tools > Options, on the left side explorer Find Nuget Package Manager and expand it.
Next select the Package Sources.

In the right side panel, 

press the “add” button (1), 
give it a descriptive name (2), 
search for the directory that contain the packages (3),
press Update (4)


After that you should be able to install packages present on that directory.
This allows you to create packages and test how they work, without having to upload them to straight away.

Have fun.

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