May 2017

Transactions and the SP_TransactionNotification

Hi everyone, Thought I’d share with you something that I experienced recently. SAP Business One makes available a stored procedure that according to the documentation can be used to perform some “checks” and, in the case of failure, stop the process. Take the following code: // SP_TransactionNotification // addon code This code will always fail Continue reading Transactions and the SP_TransactionNotification

BitLocker and SAP Business One ” (SCLC)

Hi everyone, Recently my laptop hard drive was encrypted with BitLocker. This caused an issue where I couldn’t log in anymore to SAP Business One. There was a message like so: ” (SCLC) No other information was provided. Checking the License Control Center on the machine in question revealed that the Hardware Key (along with Continue reading BitLocker and SAP Business One ” (SCLC)

Windows 10 Windows Update Infinite Search

Another post that attempts to solve the issues with the infinite search for updates. I’ve faced (again) issues with Windows Updates searching forever for updates. The incredible ProcExp tool is great at spotting which services are actually consuming processing power, and it found that “wuauserv” was keeping a processor busy all the time. I tried Continue reading Windows 10 Windows Update Infinite Search

How to find the SAP Business One Process Id

Hi guys, I’ve always struggled with finding the correct process id of the SAP Business One a given add-on connects with. This becomes a necessity when displaying window dialogs, or when we need to grab window handles from SAP Business One client (for whatever reason). Many solutions involve using the OS API which has been Continue reading How to find the SAP Business One Process Id